Services Provided

An extensive range of health and safety advice, training and support services are available, so please call or email to discuss any issues or requirements that you may have.

Please also consider taking just a few minutes to discuss the very popular and cost effective Health & Safety Support Service Level Agreement that is available to you.

Offered health & safety support services and training include:

  • Advice, training and undertaking of safety management system implementation

  • Health & safety policy development and written local safety procedures

  • Guidance and advice regarding health & safety legislative requirements

  • Support and advice through litigation processes & civil claims including court attendance

  • Accident investigation, root cause analysis, accident reports and recommendations

  • Provision of NEBOSH and IOSH training courses on behalf of other training providers

  • Provision of a wide range of general and more specialised on-site training courses

  • Bespoke, 1:1 or general health & safety training (tailored for staff or managers)

  • Provision of on-site first aid training courses by a competent training provider

  • Developing and implementing health & safety audit programs

  • Health & safety management audits with detailed audit reports and recommendations

  • Internal scrutiny reports for senior management boards

  • Undertaking risk assessments, COSHH assessments and work at height assessments

  • Specialist risk assessments (eg. disability, return to work, ill-health, behavioural)

  • Risk management structure guidance and organisational planning

  • Fire safety management guidance and organisational planning

  • Disability access guidance

  • Senior management board health & safety briefings and strategic health & safety planning

  • Senior management, board, trustee, governor and employee presentations and training

  • Site safety inspections and reports with recommendations

  • Routine and bespoke documentation development and provision

  • Provision of supporting documentation to assist safety implementation across a wide range of subjects

Please email or call to discuss any services not listed above.